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About Palladium

The leader in strategy execution

Palladium Group specializes in delivering value and sustainable performance by bringing strategies to life. We provide our clients with an integrated set of services—strategy and technology consulting, education, training, and certification—that deliver tangible results and build enduring internal capabilities. We help our clients achieve superior performance through an approach that marries expertise in change management and leadership with proven methodologies, including the Palladium Execution Premium Process™ (XPP), the Kaplan & Norton Balanced Scorecard (BSC), and other best practice frameworks that translate strategic concepts into tangible operational programs and measurable results. Palladium is the only firm that offers its clients a complete strategy execution system—a system supported by our heritage of innovative thought leadership and practical implementation expertise.

How our clients benefit

As history has proven, an excellent strategy poorly executed delivers little of its intended value. Palladium Group specializes in strategy execution, delivering value in the areas of:

  • Strategic Clarity – Everyone understands the strategy and their role in actualizing it
  • Organizational Alignment and Coordination – Everyone is working towards the same end
  • Decision Making Guidance - Clear articulation of corporate priorities helps guide team members’ daily decisions
  • Individual Accountability - Incentives aligned with organizational goals
  • Governance and Measurment -  Better insight into where the organization is heading and it’s progress towards that goal
  • Employee Engagement – Coaching and frameworks to insure strategy becomes everyone's objective 
  • Organizational Learning and Agility – Better comprehension of performance drivers along with accountability to the strategic execution effort







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