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Action-Oriented Analysis

Action and utilisation.

Research informs the creation of evidence-driven solutions, based on what does and does not work and why. We are a learning organisation that works to continuously improve our technical services through open consultation, debate, peer review and transparent performance assessment.

Traditional monitoring and evaluation mechanisms demonstrate accountability, but our approach also enables innovative and responsive practices, improving our understanding of how systems experience change. This leads to a deeper understanding of what is working and what needs to be fixed to meet our goals. Because performance and impact measurement is a continuous process, it ensures organizations can be more flexible and agile in their responses to changing political, economic or social environments.

Over the past decade, Palladium has been at the forefront of applying a political economy approach to delivering development results. We were among the pioneers of applied political economy analysis (PEA), conducting some of the first drivers of change and political economy studies commissioned by donors. Our in-house team of political economy experts has since conducted dozens of macro and sectoral PEAs across Africa, Asia, the Pacific and Eastern Europe.

  • Burma’s (Myanmar’s) post-election dynamics: Explores the political economy implications of the November 2015 elections and the formation of a new government in April 2016.
  • Country Governance Assessments (CGA) of Pakistan including an in-depth analysis of key governance, political economy and conflict trends using a state building and peace building lens.
  • Conflict analysis, the Horn of Africa: A fragility and conflict Analysis of the Horn of Africa including Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea to inform options for a regional strategy of engagement.
  • Evidence, Analysis and Coordination Programme, DRC: To provide a Political Economy Analysis on the sustainability of a security sector reform programme.
  • Political economy of conflict in Mali: A political economy and conflict analysis of northern Mali in preparation for the scale up of humanitarian intervention. 

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