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Inclusive Markets

Inclusive businesses go beyond traditional corporate social responsibility initiatives to create profoundly different ways for businesses to achieve core commercial objectives and generate positive impact.

Palladium engages the private sector – businesses large and small – to promote business model innovations and partnerships that integrate the underserved bottom-of-the-pyramid segment as consumers, suppliers, retailers or distributors. Including this segment in core business activities spurs innovation, new markets and increased profitability.

Our work with leading donors on cross-cutting themes and sectors – agriculture, health, education and skills training and gender and social inclusion – and our global footprint of local teams and partners allows us to identify and realise partnerships with businesses and engage a broader set of stakeholders to develop ideas into reality.

To ensure the poor benefit, we work closely with strong businesses with the potential to scale their impact and reach target populations, thereby enabling communities such as small-holder farmers, entrepreneurs and marginalised women to benefit from increased employment and income, access to finance and new or improved products and services.

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