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Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

We develop and implement strategies to address socioeconomic inequities in culturally sensitive ways.

Palladium draws on a global team of gender and social inclusion (GESI) experts to lead innovative community approaches across all sectors. Through GESI, we develop and implement broad, comprehensive strategies to address socioeconomic inequities in culturally sensitive ways. Through project leadership and implementation, research and analysis, we maintain a repository of global best practices on gender integration and adapt our tools to local context for improved advocacy and decision making. We provide technical assistance to policymakers, governments and interagency groups to ensure that gender issues are integrated into policies, programmes, national budgets and evaluations.

We engage a range of stakeholders in our social inclusion and capacity development approaches, including women, youth, indigenous populations and religious, ethnic and sexual minorities. These leaders then become effective policy advocates, promoting community-level social and behaviour change. We also work to promote attitudinal and social behaviour change to help create sustainable enabling environments for excluded groups and to combat issues such as gender-based violence.

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