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Building Resilient Health Systems

We work to ensure that developing countries can provide sustainable, quality healthcare to all their citizens.

At the heart of our approach to delivering positive health impact is building resilient health systems, ensuring that developing countries can provide sustainable, quality healthcare to all their citizens.

Palladium innovates beyond the World Health Organisation’s building blocks framework by facilitating whole-of-government and multisector approaches to healthcare planning and delivery, with active participation of public and private actors. We intentionally seek out innovations in demand for and supply of high-quality services, allowing entry of new players into health markets. This dual approach enables us to contribute to short-term gains in health-related goals as well as to longer-term systemic change, such as institutional arrangements, governance and accountability.

We support evidence-based, adaptive approaches to designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating health programmes. We perform rigorous – but cost-effective – action-oriented research, monitoring and evaluation that informs project start-up, refines implementation and provides insight into sustainability and scalability.

We believe that localisation drives sustainability, and we recognise the importance of working with and within national systems and priorities. As such, we place our host governments and national partners in the lead and invest in local capacity enhancement at all stages of programme delivery. Further, we have a proven track record in fragile and conflict-affected environments, where we leverage our global footprint and security infrastructure to partner with non-state actors to meet the health needs of poor and vulnerable populations in challenging operating areas.

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