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Health Markets and Behaviour Change

We engage and strengthen the total health systems of developing countries.

Palladium engages and strengthens the total health systems of developing countries by supporting the coordination of public, private and civil society actors and addressing behaviour at the individual, community, organisational and governmental levels as integral dynamics for sustainable change. Our work encompasses:

Total Market Approach: Palladium supports government agencies, private actors, civil society and others active in health markets to establish effective coordination, improve the efficient use of subsidies, identify and resolve policy and other barriers and find opportunities for greater sustainability of health interventions.

Social Marketing: We work with local and multi-national manufacturers, commercial and NGO distributors, wholesalers and retailers to ensure health products and services reach and are used by underserved populations. Through partnerships with product and distribution companies, we support market entry and scale up. Our data-driven marketing and logistics are responsive to changing market dynamics and make discrete use of subsidies.

Markets for Health: We have adapted the Making Markets Work for the Poor or M4P methodology for the health sector through which we promote sustainability at the national, local and facility levels by building on existing interconnected market systems. We identify where market systems fail to serve the needs of the poor and correct these failings by better aligning key market players with incentives and capacity to work more effectively.

Behaviour Change: We address behaviour as an essential part of sustainable change by integrating behavioural dynamics into our programmes and activities using research and theory-driven approaches informed by communication, behavioural economics and social network applications. In addition to designing, implementing and measuring behavioural change initiatives, we support national and local strategy development, capacity building to implement behaviour change and formative and evaluative research to inform it.

The Process of Innovation: We apply core process of innovation in many of our projects to distil and truly understand problems and co-create solutions alongside those who experience those problems. We manage health innovation funds and support donors, companies and NGOs in applying innovation processes to make their work more impactful and connect to new ways of financing and sustaining positive impact.

Public-Private Partnerships: Palladium identifies and facilitates the development of partnerships that create shared value for public sector impact and private sector interests. Our work includes financing development activities and outcomes, supporting direct implementation of interventions, outsourcing services and other partnership structures that provide tangible benefits for society and a positive impact on the bottom line of participating companies.

Market Assessment & Entry: We design and perform broad sector wide and specifically targeted assessments for donors and corporate clients to help them make important investment and programming decisions, inform designs and understand the fast-changing contexts of developing markets.

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