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Health Policy, Advocacy and Governance

We use analytical models, tools and data to uncover priority needs.

Palladium works to advance equitable health policies that are country-led, inclusive of all voices, evidence-based and supported through adequate financing. We use analytical models, tools and data to uncover priority needs and best practices that enable better decision-making, supporting evidence-informed leadership at all levels from global to local. We design, implement and conduct legal and regulatory analysis, and we identify and work with partners to reduce operational barriers to access to health services.

We believe in a multi-sectoral approach to improving health outcomes, and we work with policy makers to formalise processes for involving civil society and the private sector, as well as working to build the technical, advocacy and organisational capacity of civil society organisations and vulnerable populations. Further, we promote policies that mandate accountability and transparency from government departments and ministries, and we work to enable citizens to hold their governments accountable for health service delivery.

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