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Strategic Information, Modelling and Technology

We develop innovative forecasting tools that analyse economic and epidemiologic data.

Palladium provides customised, easy-to-use and fit-for-purpose information systems and data management solutions to drive informed decision-making. We design and deliver technology solutions to healthcare providers to facilitate collection and use of data for improved outcomes by developing highly configurable tools such as dashboards and interoperable data collection instruments, platforms and warehouses.

We develop innovative forecasting tools that analyse economic and epidemiologic data to determine the future consequences of current development programmes, policies and resource allocation decisions at international, regional, national and sub-national levels. We also design powerful but easy-to-use software and applications to help decision makers, public health professionals, the private sector and health advocates better understand the impact of current and future policy, epidemiology and budget priorities.

We provide technical assistance to ministries of health and regional governments in the adoption and roll-out of health management information systems for integrating and improving health outcomes and generating evidence for decision-making processes. Most of our solutions and tools are designed for use in resource-constrained countries with under-developed infrastructure, including rural areas with intermittent electricity.

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