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Impact Innovation

What if big impact came from simple ideas?

Palladium believes that innovative thinking is key to addressing the world’s toughest problems. We foster innovation within our own company by bringing together ideas from the public and private sectors. This cross-pollination of ideas has led to the application of business strategy best practices to government organisations, enabling them to better serve their constituents; the application of information technology solutions to healthcare interventions, enabling better decision-making in resource-poor settings; and the application of financing mechanisms adapted from the private-sector to the development context, complementing traditional sources of funding.

We are also committed to fostering innovation outside our company. We teach other organisations how to capture the most value from their innovation initiatives, and we catalyse and support innovators through mechanisms like innovation challenge funds.

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Impact bonds don’t just enable collaboration, they necessitate private markets working together with the public sector to achieve measurable, sustainable positive impact.

Peter Vanderwal