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People Logistics

Our people logistics services mitigate potential issues in personnel logistics.

The success of your project will ultimately depend on the success of your in-country team. This can be affected by how easily they adapt to their new environment, and mitigated by putting people logistics arrangements in place.

Your project can leverage off our extensive experience and we can assist your staff to transition into the reality of performing in an unfamiliar and challenging environment. We can ensure that your team and, if required, their dependants are accommodated comfortably, supported personally and equipped with everything that they will need to perform, so they can focus on achieving your project’s objectives.

We can assist with any project size and scope including;

  • Small and large workforces
  • Short and long-term projects
  • Long-term and periodic rotation staff


  • Accommodation management
  • Familiarisation services
  • Transport operations and travel planning
  • Security
  • Medical facilitation
  • Emergency response assistance
  • Communications
  • IT support
  • Pastoral care

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