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Innovative Solutions for Impact

Helping Private Sector, Governments, Social Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists and Aid organisations to develop and implement Innovative Solutions for Impact

The pace of change in today’s global marketplace means there is in an ever-increasing need for all organisations to provide fresh, innovative products and services that are relevant to, and capture value for, all stakeholders.

To do this requires a systemic approach to creating impact from innovation.

Palladium’s helps private sector, government and aid organisations to disrupt the status quo, and co-create new configurations for systemic impact - new products, services, and business models.

To do this we systematically identify challenges & opportunities to create Innovation Impact; we generate deep insights about the world, the market, and the stakeholders; we co-create innovative business models to capture opportunities; and we help to build and implement the new configurations required to deliver impact.

For example we have helped private sector organisations take advantage of the latest digital technologies to implement new value propositions; we have helped governments to build capabilities for innovative service delivery; and we have helped aid agencies to design and manage innovation challenge funds.

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