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Positive Impact Partnerships

Addressing complex socio-economic challenges through Positive Impact Partnerships

Today our society is faced with a set of complex challenges that have endured against decades of intervention. From issues of social cohesion and extremism, to domestic violence. From prevalence of chronic disease, to economic transformation, water scarcity and climate change, to issues of gender and inequality.

The challenge faced by governments, businesses and communities is that for these complex challenges no single public agency, corporation or non-government organisation has the technical expertise, economic resources or scale to create enduring change. Furthermore, there is no silver bullet. Policies and interventions must be designed and executed in unison and as a portfolio by multiple layers of government, corporations, non-government entities, communities and individuals. These portfolios need to be delivered against a rigorous foundation of monitoring and evaluation, with complex funding arrangements, a highly diverse range of expertise, and in many cases at national scale with contextualized local delivery.

Palladium has developed a platform that enables governments, businesses, investors and the community to build social and positive impact partnerships to meet this challenge. We have refined this model through decades of experience delivering complex socio-economic transformation programs in developing countries. We facilitate the development of the backbone support organization that administers the complex funding arrangements, from impact bonds to grants, while establishing a dynamic resourcing facility that enables expertise to be deployed as challenges arise. We develop the positive impact scorecard and strategy against a framework of monitoring and evaluation, while facilitating the development of the portfolio of mutually reinforcing interventions. This results in enduring social partnerships that build national capacity at the level of local communities, and enables enduring change.

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