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Shared Value

Designing and executing business strategies to create Shared Value

Shared Value is a globally recognised strategy framework designed to enable companies to increase business value while simultaneously addressing societal issues that intersect with the company’s market, value chain or operational footprint. Shared Value has emerged as a successful approach to increasing shareholder value while building business resilience and enhancing social licence to operate.

We believe developing and executing a successful shared value strategy requires evidence-based approach to driving business performance and increasing return on capital employed. Furthermore, creation of shared value requires deep insights into the nature of societal challenges, the conditions that drive them and a proven theory of change that will create sustained and measurable impact.

Our clients develop competitive advantage through access to our unique experience in both these areas. This experience comes from valuable insights we have acquired through developing the worlds most widely used business performance improvement and strategy execution methods. It also comes from having delivered complex socio-economic development and humanitarian aid programs across 120 countries over the last 50 years.

Palladium is a lead partner of the global Shared Value Initiative and of the Shared Value Project.

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