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Strategy Execution

Enhancing Strategy Execution capabilities using the Execution Premium Process and the Balanced Scorecard

Whether public or private, organisations that build systemic, scalable strategy execution programs are best positioned to achieve breakthrough results. Having honed our skills over the past 20 years, today we are regarded as the premier strategy execution consultancy in the world.

Our strategy execution consulting practice builds on the thought-leadership legacy of Drs Robert Kaplan and David Norton, the world’s leading authorities on strategic performance management and measurement. Creators of the Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps, Strategy Focused Organization (SFO) Principles and the Execution Premium Process™ - XPP™, we focus on sharing knowledge and best practices accumulated from more than 20 years of research and practical implementations across the world.

We help companies, governments, non-profit organizations and coalitions to design, translate, execute and govern strategy using a disciplined approach that can create measurable, lasting impact. Palladium enables clients to achieve their vision by working hand-in-hand to solve their strategic challenges and build capabilities for the future. We create clarity in purpose, alignment of leadership teams and accountability for everyone involved in achieving our client’s goals.

Our Whole of Government Approach is a unique and comprehensive framework that helps Governments execute their long term Vision and Goals, by defining, translating, cascading, monitoring and implementing their strategy. The result is a comprehensive management process that integrates government entities, processes, people and tools to deliver superior value (or execution premium) for the country and its citizens.

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