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Sustainable Supply Chains

Creating Sustainable Supply Chains and value for all stakeholders

Companies are facing increasing customer and transparency demands around the sustainability of their supply chains. Recurring agriculture supple chain sustainability challenges revolve around subsistent smallholder structures, unsustainable land-use / deforestation, and scarce access to fresh water.

Overcoming these challenges requires a comprehensive transformation of the whole eco-system. Such systemic change entails:

  • Formulating new supply chains strategy with explicit productivity and social impact objectives;
  • Innovating products, supply chains, and clusters with leading technology packages, organizational models, market linkages to unlock the full improvement potential;
  • Transforming systems by taking system-wide instead of actor-specific perspective;
  • Finding innovative funding solutions;
  • Driving relentless execution at actor & system level; and finally;
  • Rigorous monitoring & evaluation to drive impact with a particular emphasis on measuring economic and social value at the level of each actor

Palladium's comprehensive approach establishes commercially viable and sustainable supply chains, converting sustainability challenges into opportunities to create superior economic and social value, to all stakeholders.

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