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Managing with Measures 

March 27-28, 2012 | Boston, MA



Day 1 - Tuesday, March 27, 2012


8:30am - Introduction and Overview

Palladium trainers will kick off the course with introductions, expectations, and a discussion regarding the measure challenges participants are presently experiencing. The topic of measures and measurement will be introduced and the course overview will be provided. The role measures play in driving and aligning overall organizational performance will be discussed. State of the art research will be presented, highlighting the challenges of performance measurement today. Instructors will answer the question “why measure?” and will summarize the history of performance measurement and the present point of view from Palladium.


10:30am - Measures and Measuring – Basic

This module will explain and describe basic measure design, process development, and implementations. Key definitions will be discussed explaining measures, measurement, and measurement systems/frameworks. Types of effective measures will be identified and key types of basic measures that every manager needs to know will be discussed to include strategic, operational, financial, customer, process, learning, and growth as well as leading and aging, and tangible and intangible. Examples of types of measures and when to use them will be described. During this module, participants will be given an opportunity to self assess their own measurement practices.


12:30pm - Lunch


1:30pm - Measures and Measuring – Advanced

Building upon basic measures, this module will present advanced measure techniques – their design and implementations. Advanced measures to be reviewed include driver measures, leading indicators of future outcomes, driver trees, and value drivers versus value builders. Various measurement frameworks will be discussed.

Exercise: Value Driver Creation


3:15pm - Analyzing Measurement Data

Measurement analysis is the process used to determine the effectiveness of performance. The process of data analysis includes deciding on the appropriate analysis to conduct, preparing data for analysis, and summarizing results. Techniques to analyze measurement data will be defined and explained, including: Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Process Analysis, and Failure Analysis.


4:45pm - Day One Wrap-Up


5:00-6:00pm - Cocktail Reception


Day 2 - Wednesday, March 28, 2012


8:00am - Presenting Measurement Data

This module will review the ways to clearly communicate and present measurement data for maximum impact – including the principles of effective information design an understanding of the type of data to be presented, the key feature or message to be portrayed, how the information will be used, and the intended audience. Types of data presentations will be defined and reviewed relative to effectiveness and use with measurement data – graphs / diagrams, charts, time series, multivariate data presentation, etc.
Exercise: Modeling and Presenting Data

10:30am  - Managing the Measurement Process

The measurement value chain will be defined and described. How to move through the steps in the measurement value chain from the keys steps of gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and informing to exposing real opportunities, providing testable impacts and leading to certain outcomes.
Exercise: Assessing Your Organization’s Measurement Value Chain


12:00pm - Lunch


1:00pm - Mission Critical Measures Every Manager Must Know

This module will present Palladium’s point-of-view on the critical measures every manager should know including Lifetime Value, Net Provider Score, DuPont ROI, EVA, Relative Market Share, and Concentration Ratio. Examples of how these measures have been used will be provided.


2:00pm - Measurement Problems and Pitfalls

Measurement data is critical to aligning and driving efforts toward meeting strategic goals, assessing quality and effectiveness of core processes, closing gaps through corrective actions, tracking progress toward strategy, and supporting accountability and communication through an organization. But there are problems and pitfalls associated with performance measures including selecting the wrong measures, misuse of measures such as point measures that produce misleading results, proliferation of measures with little impact, as well as a host of other challenges. This module will describe the consequences of misuse of performance measures along with the associated wrong behaviors, and will identify practices participants can employ to avoid these problems.

3:15pm - Diagnosing the Effectiveness of Your Measurement System

The Measures Training will conclude with a review of how to diagnose the effectiveness of a measurement system. It will assess the measurement system’s efficiency versus effectiveness, and its impact on organizational assets and behaviors in the achievement of strategy. Finally, a measurement system audit will be presented.


4:00-4:30pm - Course Summary and Conclusion


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