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Industry: Finance and Insurance

Inducted: 2008

Regions: americas

Country: Uruguay

Announcement Excerpt:

Pronto! is a medium sized, consumer credit company is Uruguay, focused on low-to-middle income customers. The company adopted the scorecard framework after Uruguay’s 2002 financial crisis made a new strategy for the company necessary, and a new governance model to create a strategy-focused organization. In five years the number of customers has grown from 4,600 to 150,700, revenues increased from $506K to $21.3, and EBITDA has grown from $2K to $6.9M. “This growth has driven the need for a clearly defined strategy, connected to our vision and strategic initiatives,” observes general manager Martin Guerra. “The BSC has driven better organizational alignment and fostered a measurement culture, both of which help employees at every level understand their personal contribution to Pronto!’s strategy.”

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