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Catalysing investment in sustainable forests: call for proposals now open!

Funded by the UK’s Department for International Development and implemented by Palladium and partners, Partnerships for Forests (P4F) seeks to tackle deforestation and improve livelihoods. P4F currently operates in Central, East and West Africa and South East Asia, and recently launched its first call for proposals, seeking ideas for partnerships that will catalyse investment in sustainable forests and land use.

What’s it all about?
Through technical assistance and grants, P4F facilitates and incubates partnerships between private sector companies, public sector actors and civil society that will contribute to reduced deforestation, reforestation, afforestation, forest restoration and forest conservation.

P4F seeks to tackle deforestation and improve livelihoods.

About a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions are the result of deforestation, agriculture and other land uses.

Rising demand for food, fuel and fibre continue to put forests under pressure. Moreover, prevailing investment models do not work in forests’ favour. More often than not, the short-term economic gains from degrading or converting forests are greater than those from leaving them standing.

But at the same time, international pledges such as the New York Declaration on Forests and multinational companies’ commitments to sustainable supply chains present a unique opportunity to halt deforestation and reduce land degradation.

Why this programme?
P4F seeks to take advantage of this opportunity by supporting investment models in which the private sector, public sector and communities can achieve improved returns from sustainable forests and sustainable land use.

By creating market-ready ‘Forest Partnerships’ that offer an attractive balance of risks and benefits for the private sector, public sector and communities, the programme aims to mobilise significant investment, principally from the private sector.

Ideas for these partnerships exist, but they often face barriers to implementation and scale up. Partnerships for Forests aims support the development of these ideas, helping selected partners move through the stages required to get to market – from idea development to business planning, to deal negotiation and piloting, and finally to commercial scale-up.

The programme also supports demand side measures that strengthen demand for sustainable commodities, and activities to create the right enabling conditions for sustainable investment.

Call for proposals now open
P4F is now calling for concept notes from organizations who have ideas for, or have already formed partnerships, focussed on sustainable forests and land use.

Organizations eligible to submit a concept note include private-sector companies, co-operatives or trade associations, civil society or community-based organisations, non-governmental organizations, government agencies or research institutes.

The first call is focussed on building sustainable supply chains for cocoa, palm oil, rubber and fuelwood/timber in West and Central Africa (focussing on Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana and Liberia).

P4F support partnerships at different levels of maturity, from those that are only ideas through to projects that are already being piloted. All partnerships should have the potential to deliver impact at scale, either through their own activities or replication elsewhere.

Further information on eligibility and how to apply can be found HERE!

Concept notes, outlining proposed partnerships, must be submitted by 14 October 2016.


About Palladium
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