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Celebrating National Education Day in Indonesia: INOVASI launches Innovations Drive

The Innovation for Indonesia’s School Children (INOVASI) project is an ambitious four year program working to inject innovation into Indonesia’s education sector. Funded by DFAT and managed by Palladium, the program seeks to improve the quality of teaching and learning in classrooms across the country. To celebrate National Education Day, INOVASI recently launched an Innovations Drive to crowdsource ideas to improve literacy and numeracy.

What’s it all about?
INOVASI collaborates closely with the Government of Indonesia at the district, provincial and national levels to develop and implement action oriented research and pilots that will improve student learning outcomes in Indonesia. Specifically, the program focusses on three sub-topics of investigation: the quality of teaching in the classroom, the quality of support for teachers, and learning for all.

Commencing in January 2016, INOVASI is designed to be transformational. By understanding local challenges and generating local solutions for better teaching and learning in the classroom, more robust educational outcomes are anticipated. Broadly, INOVASI will provide decision makers with evidence to make informed choices about education policies, regulations and resource allocations that can increase country learning outcomes.

"INOVASI will help schools and districts to transform learning in the classroom, by helping teachers and principals to identify constraints and local solutions. We will also include parents and students to improve learning for all”- Jessica Ludwig-Maaroof, INOVASI Team Leader

INOVASI will generate local solutions for better teaching and learning in the classroom

Innovations Drive now open!
In celebrating National Education Day, INOVASI earlier this week launched a new ‘Innovations Drive’: a contest to crowdsource innovative ideas for improving literacy and numeracy across Indonesia. Specifically it will focus on three key categories:

1. Basic literacy and numeracy
2. Basic literacy and numeracy for disabled students and students in remote regions
3. Science and ICT literacy

The purpose of the contest is twofold. INOVASI will both support Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture in promoting education quality across the country and gather innovative ideas- possibly for further refinement and scale up. The initiative hypothesizes that there may be many good solutions to locally-identified problems that remain untapped- particularly regarding literacy and numeracy for 7-15 year olds.

Contest submissions will be accepted in the following formats: (i) 90 second video or (ii) 1 page infographic, or (iii) 1 page with 6 photos to illustrate the idea. Submissions are currently open, with winners being announced on May 29th.


INOVASI's Innovations Drive will crowdsource innovative ideas for improving literacy and numeracy across Indonesia

Local solutions for better teaching and learning in the classroom
The need to transform education in order to improve learning is recognised in Indonesia. Over the past decade, Indonesia has substantially increased its spending on education, putting many more millions of children into school. It has also put in place a national policy framework for improving education quality that has introduced a number of macro solutions such as direct funding to schools, introduction of school-based management, qualification standards for teachers, and, most recently, a more streamlined curriculum. However, more can be done to increase students’ learning.

A breakthrough will require challenging the long-held assumptions of teachers and administrators about the factors that directly impact on student learning. This can be achieved through an improved knowledge base of what works in Indonesian classrooms and how this can be supported.

By investigating what works and what doesn’t work to get teachers teaching better and students learning more, and why, Indonesia’s substantial spend in education can be better leveraged.


INOVASI is designed to be transformational. The project focusses on understanding local challenges and opportunities, and generating and sharing evidence with key stakeholders in target and non-target districts. Ultimately, it works to promote adaptation of tested strategies for improving student learning outcomes.

INOVASI will investigate ways to better ensure equality of learning outcomes within and across schools, including private schools. It will pay particular attention to identifying and addressing classroom practices that disadvantage particular groups, including children with disabilities, girls, and those from poorer economic backgrounds.