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Palladium to host key roundtable on Positive Impact at the 2016 Concordia Summit

  • The world’s most prominent public and private sector leaders convene to forge partnerships for Positive Impact.
  • Clare Woodcraft Scott, CEO of Emirates Foundation will be a principal participant on behalf of Palladium in The Private Sector Forum on Migration and Refugees

8 September 2016, New York, NY – Palladium, a global leader in the design, development and delivery of Positive Impact— the intentional creation and measurement of enduring social and economic value –has partnered with Concordia for their annual Summit.

The 2016 Concordia Summit, taking place 19-20 September in New York, NY, brings together the world’s leading business, government, and nonprofit leaders to enable effective partnerships to cultivate Positive Impact. Thought leaders and innovators gather at this global affairs forum to examine the world’s most pressing challenges and identify ways to collaborate.

As a programming partner, Palladium has the opportunity to help shape the conversation at this key event. Palladium is honored to confirm that Clare Woodcraft-Scott, Chief Executive Officer of the Emirates Foundation will be a principal participant in The Private Sector Forum on Migration and Refugees on their behalf. In partnership with Columbia University’s Global Policy Initiative, the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Forum will host high-level discussions surrounding the private sector’s role and responsibility in addressing global migration challenges and the current refugee crisis.

Eduardo Tugendhat, Director of Thought Leadership at Palladium, is chairing a roundtable discussion focused on creating Positive Impact by developing and executing solutions that advance the corporates’ core business strategy while alleviating global challenges. During this session, Mr. Tugendhat will facilitate a discussion around an evolving framework for creating and measuring enduring economic and social value that benefit all stakeholders linked to the organizations business objectives.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Office of Palladium, Kim Bredhauer states: “We are immensely pleased to participate in such a prestigious event. As an organization, we are committed to improving the lives of others around the world and the Concordia Summit is a powerful platform that will enable us to share our Positive Impact vision with some of the foremost thought leaders on public and private partnerships and global affairs”.

Media Contact
Esteban Gómez Nadal, Palladium
+971 4 818 7500