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The SPRING Accelerator recognised for its outstanding impact on poor and adolescent girls

Palladium’s SPRING Accelerator is working with growth-orientated businesses on innovations that can transform the lives of poor and vulnerable girls aged 10-19 living across East Africa and South Asia. The programme was recently shortlisted for the 2017 British Expertise International Awards in the category of Outstanding International Collaborative Project.

“There’s a new wave of people that want to achieve some really interesting social impact, but that recognise that doing that through specific projects tends to have a limited shelf life…actually there are some really interesting business models that are creating standalone entities and businesses that are creating huge social impact” - Sachin Gupta, Director of Economic Growth at Palladium.

In 2017, the SPRING Accelerator has been shortlisted in the category of Outstanding International Collaborative Project.

What’s it all about?
The British Expertise International Awards 2017 recognise and celebrate outstanding international achievements by companies in the UK professional services sector. There are a total of 10 categories, which are open to a wide range of companies from large corporations to small and medium enterprises, working in all sectors covered by British Expertise International. The categories aim to capture the full depth and breadth of skills and innovation found in the UK, including International Young Consultant of the Year, International Business of the Year, and International Development Project.

In 2017, the SPRING Accelerator has been shortlisted in the category of Outstanding International Collaborative Project.

Transforming the lives of adolescent girls
SPRING is transformational and visionary. Managed by Palladium and funded by DFID, USAID and the Nike Foundation, SPRING is addressing the market’s failure to prioritise the empowerment of girls. The reality is that too few products and services are designed for, and marketed to, girls. SPRING businesses are targeting this gap to grow and scale their enterprises and help girls to keep safe, learn, earn, save, and invest.

Since 2014, SPRING has supported 36 businesses across East Africa and South Asia to pilot and scale new market-based solutions for girls. It provides girl-centric market research and expertise, funding for prototype development, and support to help businesses develop viable investment propositions. These support services are tailored to the different needs of each business and respond to their chosen pathways for achieving impact for girls. The program provides leading expertise in business growth, investment-readiness, design, innovation, and marketing to help drive their business models forward.

Businesses supported by SPRING are recognised for their real and lasting impact on individuals and communities. Recently, entrepreneurs from SPRING-supported businesses Kidogo and Jibu made the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2017 for Social Enterprise.

SPRING has supported 36 businesses across East Africa and South Asia to pilot and scale new market-based solutions for girls.

Building collaborations for impact
As a highly experimental programme, SPRING’s success is founded on mobilising global and local partners, organisations, experts, and donors to act as a unified force for change. The very nature of SPRING is about collaboration - whether that be global and local, public and private or pairing insights from East Africa and South Asia. SPRING is paving the way for new diverse global partnerships and ways of working.

By 2019 SPRING aims to reach 200,000 girls in 8 countries. The impact of the successful entrepreneurs and the investment they stimulate will lead to a broader shift in markets that enable girls and their communities to end the cycle of poverty. The ambition is to deliver life-enhancing products and services to 50 million girls by 2030, through direct business acceleration and secondary stimulation of investment beyond SPRING enterprises.

The winners of the 2017 British Expertise International Awards will be announced in London on 5th April. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for more information. Good luck SPRING!


About Palladium
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