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Springfields and Tulalens named winners of the Make It Possible Initiative

Palladium exceeds more than $1 million in funding to support positive impact

Palladium announced that two organisations have been selected as winners of the Make It Possible Initiative. Ideas submitted by Springfields and Tulalens were selected from more than 50 submissions from around the world in response to the question: What’s your vision for positive impact?

“The Make It Possible Initiative called for ideas for harnessing commercial interests for meaningful social and economic impact,” said Palladium’s group managing director and CEO Kim Bredhauer. “I am excited to name both Springfields and Tulalens as winners of the initiative. Voting for the best idea was done by monetary contributions. Springfields and Tulalens had extremely strong support, raising more than $7,000 each. As joint winners, both organisations will receive the funds they raised and an additional $25,000 from Palladium in order to make their visions a reality.”

Springfields’ vision is to develop a universally adaptable mobile grievance application for factory workers to connect directly to the brands who are buying goods from their factories. Springfields sees the system as an opportunity to use innovation to reach the entire supply chain.

Springfields’ director David Shirley explained, “We are grateful to be selected to work together with Palladium in scaling this initiative. The partnership supports a positive transformation in grievance mechanisms across multiple sectors. Our vision is that this becomes a catalyst for sustained engagement with responsible partners to improve workplace conditions and workers' welfare.”

Tulalens is a social enterprise with a vision to transform under-served communities from passive recipients of critical services to knowledgeable consumers. Tulalens currently crowdsources information on the quality of health services to women living in urban slums in India. The organisation plans to build a technology platform that can automate data-sourcing and dissemination allowing them to scale to other demographics, geographies and critical services.

Tulalens’ founder and CEO Priya Iyer noted, “Our team is incredibly grateful to Palladium and our contributors for the funding support. These funds are crucial for us as an early-stage social enterprise to move one step closer to our vision of improving the lives of thousands of under-served communities globally.”

Kim Bredhauer added: “With our support for Springfields and Tulalens, Palladium has now contributed more than $1 million of our company’s funds over the years to make powerful ideas possible in countries around the world. Palladium’s $50,000 contribution to the Make It Possible Initiative enabled us to reach this noteworthy milestone. I am extremely proud of Palladium’s legacy of giving back to communities and societies through organisations like Springfields and Tulalens.”