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New Technologies Offer Innovative Solutions for Development Challenges

Mobile health (or mHealth) represents a cutting edge tool for expanding access to health information and services in remote, low resource settings. However, some challenges require more than just an app to solve.

Innovations in development do not always involve high tech gadgets, but sometimes the best solutions involve new technologies that can provide low cost, efficient answers to challenges in healthcare, agriculture, governance or logistics. At the 2015 mHealth Summit, Palladium’s Innovations & Technology team demonstrated several of these new technologies that have the potential to improve the quality and reduce the costs – both in time and money – of development initiatives.

Value chain finance could help smallholder farmers in Indonesia

The world is moving on. The vast majority of organisations will cease to exist in their current form. Some will disappear, some will lose market power others will be absorbed. Yet the world of strategy management has largely stood still. Many organisations still hold firm to the classic approach of laboriously shaping a five-year strategy and executing as is. In most industries, the five-year strategic timeframe is fast coming to an end, and so are strategies that state, "We will do more of the same."

Palladium’s version of the prosthetic e-NABLE Raptor Hand

Another technology demonstrated by Palladium at the mHealth Summit was the Raspberry Pi. Jonathan Dixon from our Innovations & Technology team showed how the device can be used to monitor organ or specimen transport. The Raspberry Pi is a low cost minicomputer – about the size of a credit card – that plugs into virtually any electronic circuit, making it a great prototyping platform or even a final solution. Using a temperature probe and an LED panel, Palladium has created an application that monitors the temperature of an organ or specimen during transport.

Printing an enzyme dispenser

Palladium’s Innovations & Technology team uses ingenuity and innovative technology to solve the most difficult development challenges. We aim to solve real world problems  in remote, rural, difficult to reach areas.  For more information about Palladium’s Innovations & Technology team and positive impact work, please contact Bobby Jefferson at