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Palladium Hosts Positive Impact Event in Indonesia

Public and private sector collaboration: creating shared value for social impact and financial return

John Borrough, DFAT, in Q&A discussion at the Positive Impact in Indonesia event.

Palladium is pleased to have launched the second of our Positive Impact events in Jakarta last week at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. This was the second in a series of regional workshops exploring the importance of the Impact Economy: specifically, how private sector organisations can do good socially and do well financially at the same time, building powerful coalitions that address complex societal issues.

A broad cross-section of Indonesian business leaders from the private and public sector, NGOs, associations and government came together to attend this sold-out event and discuss critical issues affecting Indonesian society. Education, health, agriculture and poverty were at the top of the list with speakers and panel members highlighting how a Shared Value business model can create exciting market opportunities that satisfy business objectives while simultaneously addressing serious challenges facing society.

All attendees of this session were left with little doubt that tremendous opportunities - and challenges - arise when businesses transform the value chain to put positive social impact at the forefront of corporate strategy.

Marcus Pitt, Palladium, presents the Shared Value concept to a captive audience.

The panel represented a selection of Indonesia's leading business executives and experts including:

  • Dr. Agr. Wayah S. Wiroto, President, Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB Foundation), Market Development Director, GE GGO Indonesia
  • Budi Santosa, Executive Director, Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD)
  • Yono Reksoprodjo, Executive Committee, Sintesa Group
  • Shahnewaz Karim, Head of Portfolio, PRISMA
  • Marcus Pitt, Director, Strategy Execution, Palladium
  • Oliver Mathieson, Country Director, Palladium

Panellist Karim Shahnewaz, Head of Portfolio of PRISMA, said, 'This event has been an eye opener for me in multiple aspects. The fact that businesses in Indonesia have a prestigious history in creating shared value not only for the economy, but also for the communities they serve was evident in the examples shared by multiple panellists. Multifaceted innovative initiatives are being taken by both public and private sector entities. Non-profits are also shifting their views to creating shared value for sustainability. The key takeaway here is that there remains much more that can be done and leveraged when social and economic goals are aligned with a long-term view for sustained growth.'

Joan Cabezas, Palladium's Asia-Pacific Region Director for Strategy Execution, acknowledged the importance of discussing Shared Value in the Indonesia context: 'It is exciting to learn about the number of Shared Value initiatives already in place in Indonesia coming from various industries. The challenge now is how to bring these initiatives to scale, engage partners and identify the skills needed to move these initiatives forward, define and measure success and establish best practice and deliver the expected impact to all stakeholders.'

Our third event in the Positive Impact series will be held in Canberra next month on 16th March.


Christina Robinson, Events & Marketing Coordinator

+61 431 478 031