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Develop a web-based performance monitoring system for Costed Implementation Plans

Palladium International, LLC, on behalf of HP+, is seeking a subcontractor to development of a web-based performance monitoring system for Costed Implementation Plans (CIPs). The CIP Performance System will be a simple and user-friendly web-based information tool to collect, validate, analyse, and present aggregate performance data on CIP execution. The tool will provide country-level stakeholders with pertinent and timely information to track and report the progress in achieving results against targets set forth in the plan. The tool will also provide global stakeholders with a visualization platform that could view and compare progress across different countries. Since at least 10 countries are already using the excel version of the CIP performance dashboard, HP+ intends to ensure a smooth transition process for countries using excel-based tool to the digital tool.

At a minimum, the tool will have the following functionalities

  • 1. Data Entry & Collection: Allows different designated users to input data into the system online.
  • 2. Data Analysis: Automated analysis of select data according to a specified analysis plan.
  • 3. Dashboard: Presents a summary status report on select performance indicators using color-codes, including select charts (see figure 1).
  • 4. Reports: Generates select reports in a chart/table format as per selected fields, such as CIP period, indicator, geographical information etc.

Please forward your tender in accordance with details for submission attached by January 15, 2019 EST to