Capital Advisory

Palladium’s Capital Advisory arm, Palladium Impact Capital (formerly Enclude), connects clients with the capital they need to finance their growth. Our investor base includes public, private, and philanthropic sources, and the transactions we arrange create opportunities that generate both social impact and financial returns.

Typical clients include:

  • Financial institutions or funds seeking capital to invest in products and services aimed at un(der) served markets
  • Companies seeking funding to scale up their manufacture or distribution of new products and services for these markets
  • Companies and financial institutions seeking advice on capital strategies
  • Investors looking to sell stakes in companies or financial institutions or seeking other corporate finance opportunities
  • Investors requiring transaction-related services such as on-site due diligence, guide valuations or fund servicing
  • Investors, institutions and companies seeking thought-leadership and guidance on impact investing and related corporate finance issues

Our in-depth knowledge of local markets, extensive experience in corporate finance and access to global investor networks help clients grow, prosper, and contribute to emerging economies in effective and socially responsive ways.

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