Education and Workforce Development

We partner with industry, governments, education systems and the private sector to improve individual learning outcomes and achieve sustainable economic growth through a skilled, educated and competitive workforce. Our work spans early childhood education, primary and secondary school, university education and vocational and technical training.

We assess organisation and human resource capacity to address skills and knowledge gaps through targeted organisation and human resource development, and we help education systems deliver lasting improvements in governance, quality of teaching and learning and strengthened links between education and employment.

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    Purposeful Innovations

    We leverage our systems, knowledge and expertise to develop practical, innovative solutions to unique and complex challenges. We facilitate testing, piloting and upscaling of home-grown innovations and solutions for sustainable positive impact.

    In partnership with our clients, we apply collective action research to ask what does and does not work in workforce design and development. We seek innovative ways to achieve value for money and to leverage scarce donor funding through the private sector to create shared value partnerships in order to achieve positive social and economic impact.

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    Talent and Performance Management

    We advise education systems in creating system-wide support and accountability systems to align incentives and develop tools for capturing and managing system performance data for better-informed decision making.

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    Systems-Level Change

    We support clients on long-term journeys to improve education and workforce development performance. We help diagnose system-related challenges and identify high-impact, tailored strategies that offer the best value for money.

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    Change Management, Reform, and Renewal

    We build our clients’ capacity for strategic, participative change that enables growth and adaptation in response to workforce development challenges. We offer targeted strategies that underpin effective learning, leadership, change management, reform and renewal. We have pioneered insightful monitoring and evaluation approaches to understand emerging human resource development priorities and assess our contribution to developmental change, allowing us to better support partners, governments and stakeholders.

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    Scholarship Awards and Fellowships

    We develop high-profile leaders with great technical capacity by designing and delivering public and private scholarship awards and fellowship programmes. These multi-sector international education programmes can be undertaken overseas or in-country via formal tertiary course qualifications and are delivered via flexible mixed-mode learning delivery. Our programmes provide lifelong learning and professional networking opportunities and support coalitions.

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    We work with education systems to establish more effective data collection, analysis and evidence-based decision making. We specialise in managing educational metadata and synthesising trends in the sector to determine where investment will yield the highest value returns.

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    Our research in the education and workforce development sectors informs the creation evidence-driven solutions, based on what does and does not work and why. We are a learning organisation that aims to continuously improve our technical services through open consultation, debate, peer review and transparent performance assessment.

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    School Improvement

    We improve the efficiency and effectiveness of management and leadership in public and private schools. We design interventions to streamline costs and operations, put student learning and achievement first and focus on integrated, multi-dimensional solutions that create lasting positive impact.

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    Multi-Sector Engagement

    We work on large multi-sector programmes that aim to improve social development outcomes through a multi-pronged approach. Education gains are intricately linked and dependent on health, livelihoods, and the complex web of socioeconomic factors that drive individual and collective decisions.

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    Technical and Vocational Education and Training

    We design and manage the delivery of technical and vocational education and training programmes linked to industry and sector demands and underpinned by effective workforce development policy, planning and research. We develop nationally accredited competency-based systems frameworks informed by labour market analysis and skills mapping and assessment. We liaise with industry and other partners to create employment pathways and deliver employability skills that lead to job placement.

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    Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in the Workforce

    We believe that gender equality and social inclusion are core development issues. Our workforce development programmes deliver breakthrough strategies on gender equality and social inclusion initiatives. We have customised delivery capability to address barriers and opportunities in:

    • women’s economic empowerment;
    • women’s participation in leadership;
    • decision-making and peace building;
    • ending violence against women;
    • access to opportunities and services for people living with disabilities and
    • inclusion of geographically isolated communities and ethnic minorities.
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