Impact Measurement

Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms demonstrate accountability, enable innovative and responsive programming, and improve our understanding of what constitutes effective development. Palladium’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning practice provides leadership for evidence-based collaborative learning, using the results of our work to improve decisions affecting programme outcomes. We ensure the findings, recommendations, and conclusions of our evaluations are accessible to all stakeholders and contribute to collective learning. Our work encompasses a broad spectrum of development sectors, including health, governance, security, agriculture, global climate change, and economic growth.

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    Performance Management Systems Monitoring

    Monitoring performance ensures that goals are consistently met, facilitating effective organisational performance or project delivery, and ensuring value for money. Our work encompasses the creation of performance monitoring plans for organisations, individual projects and programmes, including country development cooperation strategies and data quality assessments.

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    Capacity Building and Training

    Capacity building and knowledge transfer is a consistent theme throughout Palladium’s projects. We offer training in monitoring and evaluation fundamentals, data quality assurance and data use to build the capacity of companies, government agencies, implementing partners and others to carry out monitoring and evaluation activities.

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    Thought Leadership

    Our policy and programme briefs, infographics and presentations are widely disseminated in peer-reviewed publications, knowledge management platforms and scientific conferences. We support knowledge sharing amongst our peers and approve of our publicly disseminated thought leadership being leveraged for other programming.

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    Impact and Performance Evaluations

    Palladium has conducted hundreds of performance evaluations in more than 100 countries for bilateral, multilateral, NGO, and government clients. Our team of specialists brings experience in health, governance, and growth and livelihoods, as well as experience across different methodological disciplines. Our evaluation work focuses on action and utilisation: we align objectives and research questions from the start to ensure the data we collect will be important to stakeholders.

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    Data Demand and Use

    Palladium’s data demand and use work uses innovative tools to generate and use high-quality information to make evidence-based strategic decisions. We develop conceptual frameworks and logic models for data use for our clients and provide accompanying tools and training materials. We also provide assessments to guide improved data use interventions.

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